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Timber is an essential part of society and along with stone and clay, timber was one of the first materials worked on by mankind. We made wood into important tools and structures such as boats for travel and leisure, homes to call our own and of course furniture.

Our design team takes everything, from an idea and a concept to make it into reality. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations to help us design furniture that exhibits an unique artistic image and provides functional solutions. At Naturewood we highly value the beauty, history and sustainability of timber so we pride ourselves in using the highest quality timber sourced from controlled and certified suppliers to ensure renewability, for future generations.

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Some Interisting Facts

Wood is one of the world’s most environmentally responsible raw materials because trees and forests is a renewable resource unlike most other alternatives. It is also one of the top solutions for climate change, through the process of photosynthesis. Trees take Carbon Dioxide out of the atmosphere and stores them, even as the tree is cut down and made into furniture the carbon remains stored. So every time you buy something made with wood, that is sourced from certified and responsibly managed forests you’re helping the environment.

Million Hectares
of forest In Australia

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Matilba Collection

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Diamond Mountain Collection

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Brumby Collection

Exclusive to Harvey Norman

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